2019 MNICS Annual Meeting

December 2 – 5, 2019

MNICS 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda

The 2019 MNICS Annual Meeting is scheduled for December 2-5, 2019, at the Holiday Inn and Suites Downtown Duluth.

Please register online at 2019 MNICS Annual Meeting. Your registration will help us to coordinate meeting room space and breaks.

The 2019 MNICS Annual Meeting will be held separate from the meetings for the Eastern Area Type 2 Teams and the MNICS Incident Management Type 3 Teams, both are scheduled to be held in February 2020.

The silent auction for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation will be held once again in conjunction with the MNICS Annual Meeting. The silent auction is a fun way to raise money for a great cause, please consider a silent auction gift donation. For more information about the Wildland Firefighter Foundation please visit http://www.wffoundation.org/.

* Reminder – Federal AD or State Smoke Chasers must have supervisory permission to be compensated for meeting attendance.

The 2019 MNICS Annual Meeting events will be hosted at the Holiday Inn and Suites Downtown Duluth.  The lodging rate is $99.52 (tax included) per night.  Book your reservation under the MNICS block of rooms, or online at http://www.hiduluth.com/.  Annual Meeting attendees are encouraged to stay at the Holiday Inn. Please register early!

Holiday Inn & Suites, 200 West 1st Street, Duluth MN 55802

Telephone: 800-477-7089 or 218-722-1202, Fax: 218-722-0233

Please share this notice with anyone involved with MNICS who may not have access to e-mail. Questions?    

Contact: Kevin Carlisle at MIFC with any question at kevin.carlisle@state.mn.us  or 218-322-2695.