Calling all crews

Applications due March 15

MIFC crew #3 at Cecil Mines Fire (Jeromy Schmidt photo)
MIFC crew #3 at Cecil Mines Fire (Jeromy Schmidt photo)

Interested in being on a MNICS Type-2 initial attack crew? Here’s your chance.

Minnesota mobilizes more crews than any other state in the geographic area. Last summer 10 crews traveled to multiple fires in seven states. We seek quality CRWB, ICT-5/FFT-1, FALB and FAL-2 applicants who have support from their home unit and supervisor. MNICS crews are well trained and highly respected. Apply by March 15, 2017. Contact MIFC Dispatch Coordinator Rebekah Luedtke or a MNICS Operations Working Team subcommittee member if you have questions: Pat Wherley (DNR), Jason Westholter (FWS), Mike Mackey (USFS-CPF), Chris Kramer (USFS-SPF), Chad Spry (BIA), Seth Nelson (NPS) or Nick Abel (DNR).

Type-2 IA cover letter

Type-2 IA crew application