Fourth crew heads west

Originally headed to Montana, crew diverts to North Dakota
Firefighter gear ready for assignment

A 20-member Minnesota Interagency Fire Center (MIFC) Type-2 initial attack crew, led by crew boss Ryan Miller (USFS-SPF) and crew boss trainee Mike Schipper (USFWS-Sherburne NWR), left Grand Rapids Saturday evening, July 8. Originally headed for Montana, they were re-assigned to the Magpie Fire at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

MIFC crew #2 (CRWB Ryan Miller & Mike Schipper) diverted to Magpie Fire in Montana on July 8, 2017
MIFC crew #2 (CRWB Miller & Schipper) diverted to Magpie Fire on July 8, 2017