Northeast Interagency Support Cache

The Northeast Support Cache (NEK) is located in Grand Rapids, Minnesota and is jointly operated by the US Forest Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The Cache serves the federal and state agencies in the 20 northeastern states. It is one of eleven caches in the National Incident Support Cache System. Supplies and equipment are shared among the National Incident Support Caches as needed depending on incident activity.

The mission of the NEK is to stock, issue, and refurbish, store and maintain incident support equipment and supplies for the Eastern geographical area. It provides equipment and supplies to incidents administered by federal and state agencies and refurbishing, and restocking services to wildland fire agencies when determined to be cost effective by the receiving unit. To learn more about how the NEK  assists wildland firefighting operations, click here.

Operational Levels

Procedures: Ordering

Procedures:  Demobilization

 Procedures: Return and refurb

More information

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