MNICS T2IA Crew #3 , Colorado 2016 (Bobby Femling photo)

A primary goal of the MNICS Operations Working Team is to maintain an organized and effective Type II initial attack (IA) crew program.

We encourage MNICS agency managers and supervisors to recommend quality applicants who are suited to becoming fully qualified crew bosses (CRWB), assistant crew bosses, squad bosses (FFT1 and ICT5) and fallers (FALB).

MNICS has a comprehensive training program and crew cohesion workshop that fosters well-trained and respected high-functioning crews.

In 2016 MNICS agencies mobilized 10 IA crews throughout the U.S. This is an excellent opportunity for personnel to get valuable leadership and incident response skills. Check with your supervisor then fill out the application.

If you have questions about the program, contact the crew subcommittee member for your agency: