Ready, set, go!

MNICS crew leaders look ahead to summer wildfire season
Crew boss Nick Hasty (USFS) prepares team for blindfold exercise

Nearly 45 Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) Type-2 initial attack crew members and facilitators met at the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center (MIFC) on Wednesday (05.31.17)  to train, participate in field exercises and establish crew cohesion before heading to national wildfires.

A 20-member crew consists of a crew boss and trainee or assistant, squad bosses, fallers and wildland firefighters from MNICS member agencies. When requested, MNICS crews mobilize at MIFC within a few hours, bringing enough gear and “six-pack” vehicles for a two-week assignment. Last year MIFC sent 10 crews on assignments to seven different states. MNICS Type-2 initial attack crew members apply annually for crew leader positions. In 2017 there were 52 applicants, up from 44 the previous year.

Crew Cohesion Day briefing

MNICS crew bosses are Jason Bland (DNR), Bill Alleman (NPS), Ryan Halvorson (USFS) and Nick Hasty (USFS).  Crew cohesion facilitators on Wednesday included Joe Frenz, Chris Kramer, Rebekah Luedtke, Aaron Mielke, Ben Roy and Pat Wherley. Stay tuned for summer crew news and photos.

Fellow crew members led blindfolded participants during trust-building exercise
Crew leaders debrief after exercise