Summer fire assignments: part two

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Time recorders and finance section at the Lava Mountain Fire (Doreen Deutsch photos)

Doreen Deutsch, from the U.S. Forest Service Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry Office in St. Paul, Minnesota wrote to us about her first western fire assignment at the Lava Fire, Shoshone National Forest in Dubois, Wyoming. She worked as a Personnel Time Recorder for the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Team which eventually transferred command to a Type 1 team. Doreen said it was great to have other Minnesotans as finance team members but also meeting folks from other states. She looks forward to working at another fire out west next summer.

Charred area, Lava Mountain Fire, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

In July, Minnesota DNR’s Mike Bates joined seven Division of Forestry staff to form a module that accompanied helicopter 19BH, which was stationed in Douglas, Wyoming for part of the summer.

Aerial shot of Baldy Peak Fire (Mike Bates photos)
Smoke from Harmon Heights Fire
DNR helitack crew stationed out of Douglas, WY

Bates said the crew did bucket work, reconnaissance, crew and cargo shuttles on a number of fires including Baldy Peak, Middle Ridge, Rock Pile and Harmon Heights. “We staffed helicopter 19BH, which is on contract with the state of Minnesota, but is offered up to help out other states during summer months,” Bates said.