2019 MNICS Type 3 Incident Management Team Outreach and Recruitment

To: All MNICS agency personnel
From: MNICS Board of Directors and Task Force
Subject: MNICS Type 3 Incident Management Teams for 2019 (click for full letter)

The MNICS Task Force will be accepting applications for the 2019 MNICS Type 3 Incident Management Teams starting January 1, 2019.

These Teams will respond to wildfire and all-hazard challenges throughout the year within Minnesota. Moving forward the focus will be on forging stronger partnerships within our organization and strengthening the foundation that MNICS was built on.

The development of our Type 3 Incident Management teams will offer a new opportunity for many of our staff to get involved with incident management at the ground level. Our teams will emphasis a professional interaction between team members, cooperators and stakeholders that is a necessary when performing in an emergency and often critical incident situation. We will be looking for strong leaders with the ability to build a strong team, create solid cohesion and who will use an inclusive approach in leading and mentoring.

Incident Management Team Rotations: MNICS will host up to 3 Type 3 Incident Management Teams
based on the number of applicants we receive. These teams will be available on a split option schedule.
March 1st – June 1st and September 1st – November 1st with an option to roster a team in the summer
months as needed. The team rotation length is 1 week.

Incident Management Team Term: All selected IMT members serve 1 year and will be required to re-apply on an annual basis.

Positions: The MNICS Taskforce strongly encourages all applicants, both qualified and trainee to apply.

  • Incident Commander Type 3 (ICT3)
  • Line Safety Officer (SOFR)
  • Public Information Officer (PIOF)
  • Division Group Supervisor (DIVS)
  • Ops Sections Chief, Type 3 (OSC3)
  • Task Force Leader (TFLD)
  • Situation Unit Leader (SITL)
  • Resource Unit Leader (RESL)
  • Plans Section Chief, Type 3 (PSC3)
  • Supply Unit Leader (SPUL)
  • Facilities Unit Leader (FACL)
  • Ground Support (GSUL)
  • Logs Section Chief, Type 3 (LSC3)
  • Time Unit Leader (TIME)
  • Cost Unit Leader (COST)
  • Finance Sec. Chief, Type 3 (FSC3)
  • Ordering Manager (ORDM)
  • Status/ Check-in Recorder (SCKN)
  • Medical Unit Leader (MEDL)
  • Equipment Time Recorder (EQTR)
  • Personnel Time Recorder (PTRC)
  • Base Camp Manager (BCMG)
  • Ordering Manager (ORDM)
  • Receiving/Distrib. Mgr. (RCDM)
  • Comm Technician (COMT)
  • Geo Info Systems Specialist (GISS)
  • Incident Tech Support Spec (ITSS)
  • Helicopter Manager (HMGB)

Applicants: All qualified and eligible applicants will be considered. MNICS member agency personnel will
receive priority for team positions.

Trainee Applicants: Applicants may apply as a “trainee” in any open position for which they have been issued a Position Task Book. Trainees will be selected based on MNICS position needs and interagency priorities.

Alternate Applicants: Alternate team members are encouraged and welcome to apply. All applicants applying to a primary position and not selected will be placed as an alternate.

How to Apply: All applications must be submitted online through the Incident Command Application system (ICAP). Applications for the MNICS Incident Management Teams will be accepted in ICAP through April 19th. ICAP can be accessed through the USFS Fire and Aviation Management Portal at https://fireportal.usda.gov.

More information and instructions:


MNICS Board of Directors and Task Force