2019 Type II Incident Management Team Outreach and Recruitment

To: All MNICS agency personnel
From: MNICS Board of Directors and Task Force
Subject: Incident Management Teams for 2019 (click for full letter)

Starting in 2019, the Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) Task Force and the Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center (MNCC) will no longer be recruiting for, or rostering, Type II Incident Management Teams (IMTs). Instead, the existing MNICS IMTs and Eastern Area IMT will be consolidated to create two teams available for geographical and national use. They will both be coordinated, managed and dispatched by the Eastern Area Coordination Center (EACC).

Going forward, MNICS’ focus will be on establishing and fostering interagency Type III IMTs. These teams will be more flexible and able adapt to incident needs and will have a larger workforce to recruit from. We encourage all of you who have been working with the MNICS Type II IMTs to apply for the EACC teams. For those wishing to not be available nationally with the EACC teams, we encourage your participation with the MNICS Type III teams. An enrollment period for the Type III Teams will be opening after the EACC Type II Teams are rostered. More information will be available at the MNICS annual meeting in December.

We recognize this is a significant change to MNICS IMT management. The foundation established through our Type II teams has been a significant contribution to the MNICS organization, however in an effort to maintain relevance in the changing landscape of Incident Management, new partnerships need to be developed and fostered. Combining forces with Eastern Area will provide added training opportunities, more opportunities to gain and retain qualifications, a diversity of
experiences and expanded prospects to mobilize nationally.

Recruitment for the 2019 Eastern Area Incident Management Teams will be open September 1 – October 15, 2018. All eligible MNICS agency personnel are encouraged to apply. Information can be found on the EACC’s website – https://gacc.nifc.gov/eacc/logistics/overhead/overhead.htm

We would like to thank each of you who have worked with or supported the MNICS Type II IMT organization in the past. Your hard work and dedication has helped make the MNICS organization a success and has brought great benefit to the communities and organizations the IMTs have supported.

MNICS Task Force and Board of Directors