2021 RT-130 Suggested Materials

Each individual Minnesota Wildland Fire agency or organization is responsible for their delivery of the 2021 RT-130 Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has developed content that can be incorporated into your agency’s sessions. The content is available in the Suggested RT-130 Syllabus, which contains links to the pre and post-work material and training session videos.

Considerations before incorporating content from suggested material into your agency RT-130:

  • Agency training coordinators must approve any of the posted material prior to use by agency employees.
  • The materials available through the syllabus were developed for the DNR and may contain agency-specific policy.
  • The materials include suggested pre and post-work that agencies may use in part or whole for their RT-130 delivery.
  • Videos are not set up to track user information or completion. Wildland fire agency training coordinators who incorporate the content material into their agency RT-130 must track completion according to their agency policy.

Any issues, difficulties or concerns should be routed through your agency’s MNICS Training Working Team representative.

Click here to view the Suggested RT-130 Syllabus