Let’s roll

Second interagency crew mobilized

A second Type-2 initial attack crew, led by Casey Goldsmith (USFS-CPF) and Karl Gaalaas (DNR), left the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center (MIFC) for Albuquerque, NM today.

Photo shows 20 member crew from MIFC
MIFC crew #4 

Hot and dry conditions have increased wildfire potential in the Southwest Coordination Center (SWCC) region. At planning level four, there are 23 large incidents in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (interactive incident map).

SWCC large incident map, June 30

Western wildfire season is ramping up. The National Interagency Fire Center seven-day outlook shows an uptick in wildfire potential through the holiday weekend. Minnesota now has two 20-member crews and two 10-person engine modules on western fires. Yesterday, a seven-person helicopter module left for Wenatchee, WA. Approximately 80 MNICS personnel are on assignment in seven different states including Arizona, California, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia and Utah.

Firefighters load rigs while crew/squad bosses check manifest and red cards

When a MIFC crew mobilizes, the Northeast Interagency Cache assembles a kit of chainsaws, chaps, batteries, coolers, an MRE supply, gas cans, fire tools, an assortment of tape and flagging materials plus barn chain oil. Not to exceed 65-pounds, a crew member pack contains a tent, sleeping bag, clothing, protective equipment and personal items.

Joe Friedmeyer (USFS) weighs April Petite’s and Dez McMillen’s gear (BIA)