Minnesota Moves to a preparedness level 5

8/16/2021 – The Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) has reported 65 new wildfires over the last week. The extreme dry conditions mixed with warm temperatures, low humidity and winds have resulted in longer response time that requires more extensive mop up efforts to contain recent wildland fire activity. These conditions along with the increase in wildfire activity over the past week has prompted MNICS wildland fire management agencies to move to a preparedness level 5 (PL-5) in Minnesota. As local resources respond to new starts, and larger fires extend into longer mop up efforts, PL-5 places priority on drawing in available support resources locally, regionally and nationally.

Over the weekend, three wildfires in northern Minnesota required the management support of two Incident Management Teams. A MNICS Type 3 team is assigned to manage two active fires in Lake of the Woods County – the North Norris and Square fires.  An Eastern Area Type 2 team has been ordered to assume management of the Greenwood fire near Greenwood Lake located in the Superior National Forest approximately 15 miles southwest of Isabella, MN.     

Public safety and wildland firefighter safety remains a top priority. Please do your part to be safe and prevent wildfires. Many counties are under burning restrictions that include the no campfires.  Follow current burning restrictions and if you spot a wildfire report immediately by calling 911. Current Burning Restrictions for the state of Minnesota are available at www.dnr.state.mn.us/forestry/fire.

Wildland firefighter cools a hotspot on the North Norris fire.