MNICS IMT applications now being accepted in ICAP

MNIC IMT application graphic
The Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) Task Force is taking applications for our Type-2 incident management teams. All applicants are welcome to apply. Of particular need are positions in Command/General staff, air operations, finance, logistics and MNICS planning sections. Out-of-area applicants are encouraged to apply but MNICS interagency applicants and trainees have priority consideration. Coordinate with your local unit agency representative: Chase Marshall (USFS), Ron Stoffel (DNR),  Greg Peterson (BIA), Seth Grimm (FWS), Kurt Fogelberg (NPS) and Roy Holmes (HSEM) to determine options and eligibility.

There are several steps to complete your application in the federal Incident Command Application Program (ICAP) system. Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla-Firefox for your browser. Questions? Contact Tasha Woodwick.

Application materials:
E-Authentication set-up guide
ICAP quick start guide
MNICS 2018 IMT recruitment letter