Don’t let a wildfire become a life-changing event

Minnesota DNR

St. Paul, Minn., – Due to a recent rise in wildfire activity, with 207 wildfires reported since May 1, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds the public that safety matters. Report wildfires immediately by calling 911 from a safe location.

A quick clean-up of yard waste or a simple campfire might seem harmless, but on warm, sunny, or windy days, even a small fire near dry grass or brush can quickly become a rapidly moving wildfire. Not only do wildfires threaten property, but too often, they lead to injuries and even fatalities.

“We learn of people every year who have suffered serious injuries that require hospitalizations, or worse, fatalities, from attempting to control a wildfire on their own,” said Paul Lundgren, wildfire section manager with the DNR. “Just like a house fire, a wildfire is extremely dangerous and unpredictable.”

According to Lundgren, trained firefighters are equipped to put the fire out safely and are the best option. If your fire escapes or you spot a wildfire, please get to a safe location and call 911 immediately.

As summer approaches, be careful when burning vegetation or enjoying an evening around the campfire. And remember, any fire larger than 3 feet diameter and 3 feet high needs a burning permit. By allowing burning permit activation only on days that are safe to burn, DNR is keeping your safety a priority. Learn more on the DNR’s burn permit webpage (

Contact: Leanne Langeberg – 218-244-1911