MNICS Type 2 IA Interagency Handcrews

The MNICS Type 2 IA Handcrews are a safety orientated, motivated, productive, and skilled teams prepared for all phases of wildland fire suppression and to support all risk/all hazard incidents. Comprised of personnel from multiple agencies and organizations throughout Minnesota, the crews are committed positive professionalism focused on leadership, technical skill development, and positive interpersonal communication.

Minnesota mobilizes more Type II IA crews than any other state in the Eastern Area. The crews are
well trained and highly respected. The MNICS T2 IA Crew program is highly successful because of the quality individuals who participate from all of the MNICS partnering agencies. The crews are well known and respected nationally for being high functioning, experienced, and capable hand crews. The program is a great way to gain experience, obtain training, see the country, and network for greater career opportunities.