Fry Fire Update – Tofte Ranger District

Link to view the official USDA Forest Service News Release on the Fry Fire Update – Tofte Ranger District.

Fry Fire Update

Joy VanDrie, Public Affairs Officer
Christine Kolinski, Public Affairs Specialist

Fry Fire Update-Tofte Ranger District

Date: May 19, 2024, 1:00 p.m. CT

Fire Information: 218-248-7404

Incident Name: Fry Fire

Containment: 100%

Size: Size reduction due to more accurate mapping: 186 acres (49 acres prescribed fire and 137 acres wildfire)

Location: Superior National Forest, Tofte Ranger District. National Forest System lands south of the arc Trail, 177A, north of MN Highway 1 and east by the Little Isabella Campground. Lake County, MN (Township 60N, Range 9W, Sections 25, 26) – see map on Inciweb link above.

Current Status: The fire containment was increased to 100% yesterday evening (Saturday, May 18) as crews completed their work and feel confident that the edge of the fire will not move. Containment means more than just constructing control line around a fire. After firefighting resources construct control line, the next step is to remove wildland fuel available to burn and/or extinguish sources of heat by mopping up. These actions are taken to secure control lines and prevent the fire from escaping under the current and expected weather forecast. Once secure, that area of the fire is considered contained. This firefighting work has been completed and the fire is now in patrol status. The fire size has been reduced due to more accurate mapping being completed by crews on the fire. There is no immediate threat to private property or structures and the fire is not active

Planned Actions: This will be the final update for the Fry Fire. There are no crews assigned to the fire but the on-duty fire module (engine and crew) will check on the fire as a part of their regular workday. This is routine procedure when a fire of this size is 100% contained.

Link to Fire Fire Map