Digital Maps

These georeferenced PDF maps and KML layers are intended for use by aerial supervisors, flight crews, and firefighters involved with fire operations in Minnesota.

*If you have problems with the links send an email with a description of the map products you are requesting.

PDF Maps_Minnesota_2022

This folder contains 14 georeferenced PDF maps.

  • There are 9 maps covering the state. Use the reference map to help you identify which map you need.
  • Superior National Forest Roads and Wilderness Campsites, organized geographically. These map’s boundaries do not match the traditional forest zone boundaries. 
  • ATGS Statewide 2022 is a basic map covering the entire state and works as a broad, quick reference for aerial supervisors.
  • AirNet shows the approximate coverage zone of the AirNet radio system. Use to identify the proper AirNet frequency at your location.

KML Files 2022

This folder contains a variety of KML layers. Includes infested and special concern waters, administrative boundaries and aerial detection routes.

MBTile Maps

This is a collection of layers in MBTile format, mainly used with the ForeFlight app.

Aerial Hazard Maps_PDF_Minnesota_2022

A collection of the aerial hazard maps for Minnesota air bases. The tower location data is current as of January 2022. These maps do not cover the entire state, they show large areas surrounding exclusive use airbases.

Historic Maps and Miscellaneous


This map is coverage of the Chippewa National Forest with overlay of the infested lakes and streams.


This map is coverage of the Superior National Forest with overlay of the infested lakes and streams and Retardant Avoidance Areas.


This map is a high resolution map with coverage of infested lakes and streams and waters of special concern.  It has roads coverage down to township and Forest Service level with names.

Fixed Wing Tanker In Brief 2020