Dispatch Working Team

The Dispatch Working Team was established to…

Each MNICS Working Team will have one (1) Agency Rep. that will serve as the Core Working Team Membership (with signatory authority) and additional ad hoc members can be added  (but with no signatory authority) but with Task Force approval.  All ad hoc members need their Agency’s Task Force Rep. approval ahead of time to attend the MNICS Annual Meeting each year.

The Chair and Vice Chair are both 2 year terms. Time as Vice Chair should be used to learn the roles and responsibilities of the Chair.

Dispatch Working Team Charter 2021-2024


  • Chair: Ginger Humphrey
  • Vice Chair: David Blatz
  • Task Force Rep: Mike Mackey
  • Kristyn Juarez
  • Amber Jungwirth
  • Tasha Woodwick
  • Jolene Soltis
  • Jake Serfling


  • Manage Meetings
  • Lead for identified Taskforce Meetings (2 per year). Spring/Fall
  • Complete Working Team Assignment sheets
  • MNICS Annual Meeting article
  • Keep Dispatch Working Team page on MNICS.org up to date


  • Determined by the Chair

Year               Chair     Vice Chair
2022/2023     DNR       FWS
2024/2025     FWS       BIA
2026/2027     BIA         NPS
2028/2029     NPS       USFS


  1. Continue the Single Resource FAQ sheet information pamphlet.
  2. Coordinate an Interagency Agenda for the Bi-Annual Dispatch Workshop. Explore options to coordinate with EA-DWT.
  3. Offer IROC training for IMT as needed.
  4. Offer IROC orientation and practice sessions for dispatchers annually.
  5. Annual review of MNICS Mobilization Guide.
  6. Identify location options that would serve as sites for dispatch training.
  7. Continue development of dispatchers in all function areas of dispatch. Offer interagency trainee opportunities.