MNCC Dispatchers Recognized Regionally for Dispatching Contributions

Tasha Woodwick, MNCC Asst. Center Manager, Logistics 2023 Eastern Area Excellence in Dispatching Award Recipient
Jerrod Hegwood, MNCC Aircraft Dispatcher 2023 Eastern Area Excellence in Dispatching Award Nominee

Congratulations to the Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center team members Tasha Woodwick and Jerrod Hegwood, recently nominated for the 2023 Eastern Area Excellence in Dispatching Award. The Eastern Area dispatching community, spanning the 20 Northeast United States from Minnesota to Maine, selected Tasha Woodwick, MNCC’s Assistant Center Manager for Logistics, as the 2023 award recipient. Congratulations, Tasha!

The Eastern Area Excellence in Dispatching Award recognizes a regional dispatch leader annually for their contributions to local, geographical, and national dispatch efforts.

The MNCC team members are incredible, caring contributors to the behind-the-scenes interagency coordination at the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. They are dedicated to continuous training, development and improvements that prepare them to be ready from the first call of an incident to the end to locate, coordinate and distribute the people, equipment and supplies wildland firefighters need to get the emergency response job done safely.