Applications for the MNICS Type 3 Team positions will be accepted through October 15

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The MNICS Taskforce is accepting applications for the 2024 MNICS Type 3 Incident Management Team membership. Our interagency teams respond to wildfire and all-hazard incidents in Minnesota throughout the year

Participating as a member of a Type 3 Incident Management Team (IMT) you’ll have the opportunity to become involved with incident management from the ground level. Our teams emphasize professional interactions between team members, cooperators, and stakeholders, which is critical during emergency incident situations. We are looking for leaders to build a strong team, create solid cohesion, and use an inclusive approach to lead and mentor. The team positions for 2024 are listed on the application form and can be viewed by using the link or QR below. Please consider submitting an application and take advantage of this great local opportunity. Applications will be accepted through October 15, 2023. Please share this recruitment widely.

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