2023 MNICS Meeting

The MNICS Annual Meeting is an interagency information session that brings together all levels of the MNICS partnership experience. The meeting strengthens coordination efforts involved with wildfire suppression and prevention among all the partnering agencies. It is a great opportunity to network, share information and discuss new ideas. There really is no better place than the MNICS Meeting to reflect on a job well done, share experiences and lessons learned, and recognize all of the success that has occurred throughout the 2023 wildfire season. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the next MNICS Meeting.

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MNICS Annual Report

2023 MNICS Meeting Agenda

2023 MNICS Meeting Agenda

Guest Speaker – August Stovall, Code 4 First Responders

Code4 First Responders

Guest speaker August Stovall is a former Chicago Police Officer who served on many police officer programs, including the D.A.R.E., drug recognition and interdiction, friendly police, gang, and K9 programs. He is also a trained firefighter and emergency medical technician first responder.

During a domestic violence response call in 2003, August sustained life-changing injuries that left his mental health and well-being impaired as he struggled to conceal the story of his painful experience. Many years later, August found solace and understanding from a fellow police officer and friend who inquired about August’s experience. Since that life-changing conversation, August now talks openly about his traumatic experience. He has developed a strong desire to help others, stepping into advocacy roles like suicide prevention program support as a crisis chat specialist.
Now residing in Northeast Minnesota, August spends much of his time advocating for first responder mental health awareness. Through his work with the Code 4 First Responder program, he aims to connect every first responder with people who are always available to listen and support those healing from traumatic experiences.

MNICS Awards

Congratulations to our 2022 MNICS Award Recipients

Legacy Award – Brad Witkin

Leadership Award – Jeb Backe, Daniel Paulson, Mike Rice

Service to the MNICS Task Force – Seth Grimm

Retirements – Jim Edgar, Larry Himanga, Todd Manley, Brenda Miles

Recognizing the strengths and contributions from outstanding performance, great leadership, and incredible teamwork, from our fellow MNICS community members or MNICS Teams and partners is a part of our annual tradition. Thank you to all who submitted nominations this year, we look forward to recognizing those who went the extra mile this year during the annual meeting.

MNICS Award Categories

Interested in Joining a MNICS Working Team? MNICS Working Teams meet through out the year to talk about current events, solve problems, and plan for workforce development events, infrastructure, and technology. The Working Teams are responsible for coordinating interagency support on tasks and projects throughout the year, and are an essential part to the everyday mission and success of MNICS. If you have an interest in becoming a member of a MNICS Working Team, contact your MNICS Task Force member for more information.

Why attend the MNICS meeting?

Firefighter holding shovel walks away fromforest with tall orange flames and black smoke.

Contribute your ideas – Whether on the line or behind the scenes makes a difference Minnesota’s wildland fire community.
The MNICS meeting is an opportunity for you to join a working team discussion, and share ideas that help set the course of direction in your area of interest.
Participate in general group sessions – Designed with broader topics focused on the MNICS organization and areas of interest impacting wildland firefighting today that help strengthen the MNICS organization, promote the mission and foster interagency relationships.
Network with wildland fire mentors – The MNICS meeting is a great way to align yourself with agency subject matter experts and leaders who can help guide you toward greater involvement with wildland fire and all-hazard emergency management in Minnesota and around the country.

MNICS Working Teams

Air Operations
Information Management
Information Technology
Prescribed Fire and Fuels
Type 3 Incident Management