Training Working Team

The Training Working Team (TWT) was established to provide leadership and support necessary to foster a multi-agency training program for wildfire, prescribed fire, Incident Command System and dispatch to serve the needs of wildfire and emergency response agencies in Minnesota.

TWT accomplishes this through the development of a five year training plan based on MNICS member needs; sharing the training workload among all member agencies; collaborating with new partners (such as community colleges) to deliver training as per NWCG standards; and planning, communicating and providing annual training to member agencies and the Task Force, including the annual Wildfire Academy.

Training Working Team Charter


The Working Team is comprised of a minimum of one representative from each of the MNICS partner agencies. 2016 members include:

  • TF Rep: Kurt Fogelberg (218) 283-6660
  • BIA:       Robert Lintelmann (218) 751-2011 x406
  • FWS:     Troy Boschee,  (218) 736-0642
  • NPS:      Brenda Miles (218) 283-6662
  • DNR:     Todd Manley (218) 322-2683
  • DNR:     Terry Flatley (218) 322-2683 or 2702
  • FS:         Tracy Fifrarek Chair (218) 322-2719
  • FS:         Debbie Hahn (218) 327-4338
  • FS:         Chris Kramer (218) 365-7601
  • FS:         Mike Rice (218) 547-6002 x117
  • HSEM:   Kevin C Leuer (651) 201-7406