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Wildfire Prevention Week

Gov. Mark Dayton declared April 20–26 as Wildfire Prevention Week in Minnesota to increase awareness of outdoor wildfire hazards. Each spring wildland firefighters and rural fire department volunteers spend countless hours battling wildfires that could have been easily prevented.

Burning restrictions take effect April 14 in 15 counties and April 21 in 11 additional central Minnesota counties

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources placed burning restrictions on 15 central Minnesota counties beginning April 14 due to increased fire danger during the time between snow melt and green up.  Restrictions affect 11 additional counties beginning April 21.

MN Wildfire Academy Brochure

The MN Wildfire Academy will take place June 2-6, 2014 at the Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids MN.  The brochure includes all information needed for registration.

Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS)

The mission of MNICS is to coordinate, educate and implement the Incident Command System to support fire and all risk incidents in Minnesota and nationwide.

MNICS is an interagency group with state and federal partners that cooperate in management of wildfire and all risk incidents and provide standard procedures, practices and information to facilitate, coordinate and support actions on incidents in Minnesota.  The organization is governed by a Task Force of agency leads.

Member agencies are the US Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), National Park Service (NPS), and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM).

Minnesota Interagency Fire Center (MIFC)

MIFC houses the Northeast Interagency Fire Cache and MNICS staff.  MIFC serves as a hub for mobilization of wildfire and emergency resources.  Services include:

  • All Risk Emergency Management and Support
  • Dispatch Coordination Center
  • Fire Behavior Support
  • Fire Cache
  • Radio Shop
  • Rural Fire Department Support
  • Symbols Program
  • Training Program
  • Wildfire Aviation Management
  • Information Management

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