MNICS Coordination


Board of Directors
The MNICS Board of Directors is the governing unit of the MNICS organization. The Board of Directors prioritizes projects, sets directions, solves problems and exchanges emergency management information. The MNICS Board of Directors reviews proposals and authorizes mutual aid agreements, memorandums of understanding and other agreements relating to MNICS and the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center (MIFC). MNICS Board of Directors members are:
  • USFS, SUF - Tom HallĀ (Chair)
  • BIA - Tom Remus
  • MNDNR - Paul Lundgren
  • MNDPS, HSEM - Joe Neuberger
  • NPS - Bob DeGross
  • USFWS - Jason Riggins
  • USFS, CPF - Michael Stansberry
Task Force
The MNICS Task Force is the operational governing unit of the MNICS organization. The Task Force meetings monthly to provide oversight on MNICS and MIFC operations, and decide how best to partner with state and federal emergency response organizations. The Minnesota Incident Management Teams (IMT) report to the Task Force. IMT member selection, training, general policy and personnel matters are guided by the Task Force. The Task Force decides which issues should be forwarded to the MNICS Board of Directors. If proposals or projects need further research or development, they may be referred to a MNICS working team. MNICS Task Force members are:
  • NPS - Greg Carlson (Chair)
  • BIA - Cory Berg (Vice Chair)
  • DNR - William Glesener
  • DPS, HSEM - Jacob Beauregard
  • USFWS - Darrin Franco
  • USFS - Nick Petrack
Task Force Meeting Minutes
Working Teams
The MNICS Task Force establishes working teams, asks for proposals from the teams, and approves projects, proposals and priorities. MNICS Working Teams serve in an advisory capacity to the Task Force for items such as interagency training calendars, oversight of the incident management teams (IMT) and the Type 2 IA interagency hand crews, new technology and prescribed fire policies. The teams have one voting member from each partner agency. Working team members are part of an IMT or otherwise affiliated with emergency response organizations. Working teams meet at the MNICS annual meeting and regularly convene throughout the year. Templates and Forms